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Top 3 Sales Tips for Movers During Slow Months

The moving industry's slow months can feel particularly stark. But fear not! We’ve got sales tips to keep your company thriving during the off-season.

 Cater to niche markets and off-season needs:  

  • Student moves: Partner with universities or colleges to offer targeted deals for graduating students or incoming freshmen moving during non-peak times.

  • Senior downsizing: Highlight your expertise in packing, downsizing, and senior relocation services, appealing to this growing demographic.

  • Local moves: Offer competitive rates and flexible scheduling for smaller, local moves that might get overlooked during peak season.

  • Storage solutions: Promote your facilities as a convenient option for customers between homes or those who need temporary storage during remodeling, a home sale, or downsizing.

 Supercharge your marketing and lead generation:  

  • Targeted social media ads: Design campaigns focusing on off-season promotions, niche services, and customer testimonials.

  • SEO optimization: Improve your website's ranking for relevant keywords like "off-season movers," "student relocation," and "senior move specialists."

  • Provide discounts or freebies: Offer free packing supplies or discounted services to customers moving during the “shoulder seasons”.

Enhance your customer experience and build loyalty:  

  • Offer free consultations and estimates via your website or virtual surveys: Make it easy for potential customers to get information and quotes, even if they're not ready to book immediately.

  • Provide exceptional customer service: Go the extra mile to exceed expectations, from clear, ongoing communication to extra care during the move. Follow up after the move to ensure that the customer was satisfied with the service they received.

  • Gather feedback and testimonials: Use positive reviews and feedback to build trust and attract new customers on Google, your website, and social media pages. If you receive negative reviews, contact the customer, and respond immediately if it is posted. It demonstrates responsiveness to potential customers, and your commitment to improving customer service.

  • Run referral programs: incentivize existing customers by asking them to recommend your services to their friends and family, which expands your reach organically. Remember, word-of-mouth is the best kind of advertising - and it’s virtually free! 

Bonus tip: Become a NationalExpress Move (NEX) affiliate! It creates opportunities for growth, diversification, and generates extra income. Your company maintains its independence, enhances its service offerings, and has additional resources to service more long-distance moves.  

Don't wait for peak season – think outside the box! By catering to specific needs, amplifying your marketing, and prioritizing customer experience, you’ll position your moving company for success throughout the year.

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